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Our Mission

To continually strive to grow our business and be the leading trusted provider of insurance and financial solutions to our clients.

To always have our client’s best interest in mind when offering them protection from life’s unexpected situations and when providing them with opportunities to build wealth along the way.

To provide our partner producers an opportunity to achieve financial freedom and meaningful success in life.  

Our Values

Virtude Insurance Services was formed with Integrity and Quality in mind when we work with our clients.  Our values as our name implies (Virtude – doing what is right, quality) are reflected in every dealings we have with every client.

We only work with producers that we know will adhere to the same values and principles that the agency has committed to.

We are partners with thankful hearts for the trust that people put on us and for the grace from God which gives us the privilege to serve.

Our Promise

Now more than ever the need to have insurance in any type of form has never been this urgent. Uncertainties in life have never been this numerous: calamities, violence, diseases, and others. This is the reason why many Americans right now are looking for better protection for all that matters to them. Twenty, maybe even ten years ago, Americans were already satisfied to have life and health insurance and some form of retirement plan. Not so much the case in recent years.


As important as the right insurance products are, so is the right and trusted team of financial experts; life planners who would put their client’s needs before their own. Carefully, honestly and thoroughly assessing what’s in the best interest of their clients. A team that is also financially secure and morally upright they can afford to actually listen and care.


Here at Virtude we do the right thing. You are assured that the recommendation of our partner producers will always be conscientious. You as our client will always have the final word.

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