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Planning for retirement for you or your loved ones can be a complicated and daunting experience.  With low-interest rates and market volatility, the available options for retirement savings have dwindled in recent years.  But there s one option that stands out in today's volatile investment market.  Annuities have grown in popularity because of its flexibility, safety and performance records. Below are the available types of Annuities we offer:

Cheerful Seniors
Fixed Indexed Deferred Annuities


Known as cash accumulating vehicles.  The money you put into the annuity earns interest during the accumulation phase. All earnings grow tax-deferred as long as the money remains in the annuity. Additionally, the original contribution plus the interest earned are guaranteed by the issuing insurance carriers. So, not only is your original contribution guaranteed, but the interest earned is locked in and can never be lost regardless of future performance.

Key Features:

1. Tax Deferred Growth
2. Principal guarantees backed by the issuing insurance carrier
3. Predictable returns
4. Strong guarantees
5. Deferred Annuitization/Guaranteed Income

After Yoga
Single Premium Immediate Annuities (SPIAs)


Known as income producing vehicles. It is designed to provide income payments that start within one to twelve months of purchasing the annuity. SPIAs are purchased by making a lump sum (one time) premium payment to the insurance carrier. Immediate Annuities can help successfully manage the risks associated with outliving your assets as the income payments are guaranteed by the issuing insurance carrier for a specified period of time.


Key Features:

1. Guaranteed Income backed by the issuing insurance carrier
2. Protection against outliving your assets
3. Broad range of income options including:
   a. Income for Life (Survivor Benefit Options Available)
   b. Income for a certain period i.e. (5, 10, 15, 20, 30) years
   c. Income for Life with a certain period
   d. Installment Refund
   e. Cash Refund


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